Sunday, September 8, 2013

Avery's 5th Birthday

I was going to pull some pictures off of my camera to do a quick little update about my weekend and seeing all the pictures I've taken made me realize how many things I haven't captured.  I'm not going to try to catch up on the last six months, but I do need to post about Avery's 5th Birthday (July 3rd) before I move forward!
It's so hard to believe that she's growing up so fast -- 5 in July and now off to kindergarten.  We had a family birthday party first, then a few days later she celebrated with some little girlfriends at a dress-up party. 
She LOVED her Hello Kitty purse from Aunt Layne -- it was filled with all the goodness that Layney always has in her purse for the girls -- you know, strawberry gum and lip gloss!

I made this puppet stage for her -- it hangs on an adjustable tension rod, so it fits in any doorway. Uncle Mikey made the sock puppet on the left -- I wish I would have taken a close-up because it was really quite creative and he spent a lot of time on it -- sewed on buttons and a tongue -- really cute!
At the dress-up party, each of the girls got to pick out an outfit from the dressing room rack.  I must say, I think Avery has some Grandma Schmidt in her -- she loves all things dazzled and bright colors!
Kinsley was quite thrilled with the outfit she chose
After selecting their outfit, it was on to hair and makeup...
(Notice Avery telling the girl exactly where to put her ponytail -- she is very particular about the ponytail these days -- must NOT be too high!)
Next they sang in the microphones -- well, okay, maybe it was more like they yelled in the microphones...
Kinsley was too busy dancing - she had no interest in the microphone
Then it was time for cake and punch...
And here's the whole gang...
They had a lot of fun!

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