Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vacation time!

Vacation has officially begun!

Well, I've been on an unintentional blogging hiatus for the last few months and figure its time to do a little catching up. 
Vacation has officially begun and we're going to one of our favorite places to be - Huntington Lake!  Not sure what we'll find when we get there but hoping it won't be too smokey to stay. The Aspen wildfire is just 7 miles north of our destination so needless to say, the otherwise expected clear air and blue skies will probably not be our reality.  We don't have a Plan B - just figure we'll deal with that when and if we have to. 
Leaving today is a little bittersweet. I've been looking forward to this week away since we made our reservations in February. Our kids and grand babies will be joining us later in the week and I cherish these family times together. However, Mikey is looking for a fresh start in life and he'll be leaving tomorrow to relocate in Idaho. It's never easy for a Momma to let the chicks go - and  I'm now realizing that this is especially true when it's far away and you don't know when you will next see them again *deep sigh*  This Momma is praying for safe travels, wise decisions, and provisions for work and housing when he gets there!
On the brighter side of life is the fact that this weekend we've been celebrating the news that our new grand baby (due in January) is a boy!  God is good!
Well, the NASCAR race broadcast has ended and the Dodger game is over so I better sign off and be of some company to the driver. 


Anonymous said...

Thought of you yesterday as I made your Sour Cream Lemon pie to take to Marvis & Lee's. So yummy!
Prayed for you this a.m. . . . hoping you made it safely and Michael is on the road to Idaho. My heart aches for him, praying he'll find happiness there.
Kathy D.

LN said...

Your Dad stopped by on their way home from there. Wish we could join you but not this year. Earl is dealing with some major health problems so we aren't leaving home for awhile. Hope the smoke is not too bad. I remember when we(along with James, Vina & Melinda plus some other cousins had to evacuate Billy Creek because of a fire. Pretty scary.