Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Project

Layne grew up using this little chest as a dresser in her bedroom. 
It originally belonged to one of Danny's grandmas, but unfortunately, we're not sure which one.  For the longest time it was in one of the store rooms at his parents' farmhouse, and when we needed a set of drawers for Layne and couldn't afford to buy, my MIL suggested I go shopping in the store room - so I did, and this is what I found.  I didn't do anything to this dresser way back then.  Even though it was kinda beat up, the pinkish color was perfect for Layne's room.
This "crackled" effect on the top was not intentional -- I think it was the result of sitting in a hot store room for who knows how long.

When we moved into this house, I couldn't part with this little gem, so I removed the girly-girl hardware and put it in my entry way - with intentions of doing something to make it work.  Well, it was eventually replaced in the entry way and then found its way to the breakfast nook in the kitchen -- still with intentions of doing something to make it work.  So now, only 8 years later, "something" finally happened...
This was really a pretty easy project. I stripped all the pain off the top and sanded -- and sanded -- and sanded. Then I stained the top and put on a few coats of tung oil; and I painted the bottom and finished with a dark glaze, then added some hardware.

 I LOVE how it turned out, and it's the perfect thing for storing extra silverware, bibs, placemats and napkins.
It makes me smile every time I look at it.  Hmmm, what next -- that little rocking chair or maybe the gas station bench?... I'll let you know what I decide - and hopefully it won't take me 8 more years.

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Anonymous said...

You are very talented!!!
Kathy D.