Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kinsley is 2!

We celebrated Kinsley's 2nd Birthday on Saturday!  I don't know where the time has gone - just doesn't seem possible that our baby girl is 2 years old. 

 I made her cake -- my first try at fondant - following this little tutorial I found on YouTube.  I also made the marshmallow fondant and it was actually very tasty! 
Miss Kitty got some Kinsley Love 
I think the "favorite gift" of the night was the purse she received from Aunt Layne.  It was packed full of all her favorite things -- sunglasses, 3 tubes of lip smackers, gum, a Hello Kitty Pez candy dispenser, some hair clips and a hair brush. 
Yes, if you look close, the tag on this little outfit says "24 Months" -- and believe it or not, she'll have room to grow.  She's a tiny little thing -- we call her our little schmug.
She loved her cake -- and helped herself to several pieces throughout the night.
I bought her a package of "big girl panties" -- hoping to spark in her a little interest in potty training. 
 No success this time, but she did wear her panties -- all 3 pairs -- on the outside of her pants.

Nobody gives a greeting quite like Kins.  When we walk in the door, she yells "Grammy" and/or "Pops" and comes running, arms open wide, jumping  into our arms.  It never gets old, I tell ya.  
We love our little Kins -- what a blessing she is to our family. 

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